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Message from MD

Message from MD

There has been an increase in neurological disorders worldwide; especially in Asian part of the world. Disorders like stroke, epilepsy, headache and other brain related disorders are increasing because of our changed lifestyle, stress, bad food habits, overindulgence in alcohol and other addictions; Also because of prevalence of infections such as brain fever, (meningitis/encephalitis), neurocysticercosis, tuberculosis, dengue fever, malaria and typhoid. You will be surprised to know stroke is 2nd main cause of disability in the country. About 1 %percent of our population is suffering from epilepsy. 20% of people especially women have problem of migraine headache. The old saying “prevention is better than cure” is very relevant in today’s scenario because if we take care of our food habits, lifestyle, exercise, do not overindulge in alcohol, prevent children from watching T.V. and video games and do not unnecessarily stress ourselves.
We will go a long way in preventing stroke, epilepsy, headache and Brain disorders.

Dr. Ashok Uppal
DM – Neurology, PGI, CHD.

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