We have a vision of making quality healthcare accessible to every citizen of the country. The key to achieving such a goal is fostering medical education and making aspirants understand what right patient care entails.

With this aspiration in mind, we laid the foundation of Uppal Educational Services to provide endless opportunities to the aspirants in this field of serving patients with compassion & commitment. We believe in serving humanity in multiple ways by offering world-class training and research to all aspirants and interns. We have a fully equipped Research & Development Department with modernized infrastructure to help aspirants turn their dreams into reality. 

We offer

Bio-Medical Waste Report (Date Wise) in kgs 2020-2021
Red CategoryYellow CategoryYellow Category-CytotoxicYellow Category-CovidBlue CategoryWhite Category(Sharp)
MonthTotal BagsTotal Wt.Total BagsTotal Wt.Total BagsTotal Wt.Total BagsTotal Wt.Total BagsTotal Wt.Total BagsTotal Wt
22OCT. 2021394515.520215418.396000015110.59053.050
21SEPT. 2021383516.573214431.09223.210017104.4323.21
20AUGUST 2021378524.310185410.250000018136.3763.21
19JULY 2021396607.05193493.77000026149.0795.44
18JUNE 2021365483.16211371.60086138.218102.2562.1
17MAY 2021318369.32318249.3200265406.41775.682.2
16APRIL 2021301385.6213331.89002428.922110.5752.24
15MARCH 2021292367.75230369.180000022113.30105.00
14FEB. 2021297337.28247351.1400001677.52720.32
13JAN. 2021262268.41277297.590000187.8385.18
12DEC. 2020346405.39355419.2100001895.43621.95
11NOV. 2020299379.23192384.4500001056.0514.33
10OCTOBER 2020224310.430133265.1570000657.12511.390
9SEPT. 2020160389.190141249.2420000872.1811.590
8AUGUST 2020179356.400138278.2500000970.4345.000
7JULY 20200305.4500298.6100000074.4603.000
6JUNE 20200262.9600237.9600000055.9703.720
5MAY 20200131.0000237.090000000.0000.000
4APRIL 20200186.8300191.530000000.0000.000
3MARCH 20200395.0200241.390000001017.6700.000
2FEBRUARY 20200360.9210263.17000000102.6301.630
1JANUARY 20200315.4800224.2300000050.8700.000

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