To make the best medical care accessible even to the remote corners of India, due to their inability to travel, cost and unawareness, we provide telehealth services beyond the horizons. Heading towards becoming one of the global pioneers of telemedicine, Uppal Neuro Centre aspires to serve both urban and rural communities by making the accessibility of quality health easy and hassle-free to all. 

Being an integrated healthcare platform, we tend to provide teleconsultation services to patients anywhere around the globe. We aspire to provide telemedicine consultation services in geographically remote locations across the country and ultimately bridge the health care gap.

Our teleconsultation service includes primary specialist diagnosis, second opinion, treatment and post-treatment recommendations based on clinical details, appropriate radiological and laboratory investigations, and consultation via video conferencing.

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Uppal Neuro Hospital Organised Cycle Rally on the occasions of World Health Day. 7th April 2019

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