Uppal Neuro Immagine Center

Uppal NeuroImaging Centre is regarded as the leading brain imaging centre in northern India. We are one of the premier neuroimaging centres, offering a rare blend of neurodiagnostic services accompanied by cutting-edge research and high-quality medical programs. Equipped with top-notch medical technologies and devices, our centre is known for prioritizing quality healthcare for all. We aspire to bring transformational changes in the specialized field of neurology and neurosurgery by offering high-quality neuroimaging facilities. 

We have a full-fledged team dedicated to offering unhindered support to the patients. Our team of experts makes sure to provide unwavering medical assistance to each patient without any delay. We focus on an array of neuro conditions, including mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders, developmental disorders, and neurodegenerative disorders.

We are known for delivering results with great accuracy to provide valuable information to the patients and concerned doctors. Our expert neurologists and specialists will then assist the patients in making informed decisions regarding the best treatment for a better lifestyle.

Our specialties include:

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