Brain & Spine Surgery

The Centre of Excellence for NeuroSurgery & Spine at Uppal Neuro Hospital is an advanced and one point centre of this region to treat any and every kind of brain and spine surgeries, including accident/trauma surgeries. 

Our Department of Brain and Spine Surgery is proficiently handled by a qualified and vastly experienced team of NeuroSurgeons for the past 20 years. The department is endeavoring to offer world-class diagnosis and treatment facilities to all. Our highly-qualified and fully trained nursing and paramedical staff ensures to provide quality care to the patients in ward, OT and ICU.

Uppal Neuro Hospital takes pride in having one of the most advanced Centres for Neuro & 

Neurological treatment. Our team of NeuroSurgeons is characterized by its expertise, refined artistry and advanced equipment. Uppal Neuro Hospital has most advanced facilities including advanced Digital Imaging, most advanced 3D CT Scan Machine, most advanced operation theatres with doctors available round the clock to provide these services.

The mission of our Neuro and Spine Surgery Department is to provide state-of-the-art treatment, personalized care and education. The department is managed by a group of skilled surgeons, who have been trained in the most modern techniques, and have a passion for excellence. Expert advice and guidance is provided to patients across India and on a global basis by our highly qualified team. Our team scrupulously strives to provide quality service without compromising on patient care or safety.

We offer:

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All NeuroSurgical emergencies of the brain including trauma are handled successfully with the help of world class microscope and endoscope in dedicated modular OT.

Our surgical procedures:

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Brain and spine surgery team

Dr. Shikhil Uppal

MCh Neurosurgery, SRMC Chennai

Dr. Asharab k. Tadavi

M.D Anaesthesiology

Dr. Tariq Ahmad

MD Anaesthesia

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