Pediatric Neurology

The Paediatric Neurology team at Uppal Neuro Hospital comprises highly skilled and experienced doctors trained in offering compassionate, comprehensive neurology treatment to children and adolescents suffering from neurological disorders. 

The range of expertise of our team includes simple nervous system problems as well as complex neurological disorders such as those suffering from birth defects and genetic disorders such as autism and epilepsy. With allied medical specialists and modern medical infrastructure, Uppal Neuro Hospital provides children with the best possible treatment, such as epilepsy treatment for neurological disorders. 

We are a team of paediatric neurologists at Uppal Neuro Hospital, an integrated center of pediatric excellence covering all fields of pediatric medicine. We are backed by the wisdom of an exceptional medical community that allows us to leverage our experience and extend our capabilities to cover all aspects of neurological care.

Common Pediatric Neurological diseases treated by us:

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Pediatric Neurology Team

Dr. Romit Jain

Pediatric Neurologist, M.B.B.S, D.C.H (Gold Medallist), D.N.B,PDF IAP Pediatric Neurology

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