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Uppal Neuro Hospital’s Neurophysiology Center is manned by experienced neurophysiologists who cater to the needs of every patient. We offer world-class diagnostic procedures which are essential in the management of various neurological disorders. 
Our department is a comprehensive diagnostic center offering top-notch neurophysiology services for early detection and accurate treatment of neurological disorders. Depending upon your condition, we suggest a comprehensive range of diagnostic tests to record electrical activity in different areas of the brain. After that, we determine the best treatment for you depending upon your condition. 
Our neurophysiologists use the latest scientific methods for studying the pathophysiology of the brain, nerves and muscles. Our vision is patient-centered high-quality care resulting in a better experience and speedy recovery. 

Scope of Our Treatment

Neurophysiology is a field of study that looks at how your body is working, particularly the brain and nervous system. This wide-ranging discipline investigates the central and peripheral nervous system at the level of whole organs, cellular networks, single cells or subcellular compartments. 
This field of neurology is important not only for understanding the complex nervous system but also for our ability to diagnose and treat disorders of nervous system malfunctioning. 
 Neurophysiologists are medical doctors who are trained in the field of neurology, with a focus on the nervous system. Doctors in this field specialize in disorders of the nervous system and the electrical system of the brain. 
After evaluating a patient’s symptoms and medical history, they can ask for specialized tests of the nervous system. EEG [electroencephalography], EMG [ electromyography] and other procedures are performed to evaluate the function of the brain and nervous system. By recording the electrical signals at different levels, they can detect the changes in the brain even before the complications arise.

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Neurophysiology Center Team

Dr. Ashok Uppal

DM Neurology PGI Chd, Medical Director Uppal Neuro Hospital

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Dr. Romit Jain

Pediatric Neurologist, M.B.B.S, D.C.H (Gold Medallist), D.N.B,PDF IAP Pediatric Neurology

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