Stroke Management

Uppal Neuro Centre is recognized as one of the leading centres for treating stroke and its devastating consequences. Remaining true to the legacy of innovation and excellence, we offer top-notch stroke treatment in northern India.

With a team led by expert neurosurgeons, we ensure compassionate care to patients and their families. Our integrated team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuro anesthetists, neuro physicians, and intensivists are experts in using the most advanced approaches in stroke management. Our team offers a combination of years of experience and skills geared toward providing patient care that is of the highest standard. 

We support our patients throughout the diagnosis, counseling, surgical intervention, and journey to recovery with our experts and specialists who specialize in ensuring patient mobility and discharge.

The Department of Stroke Management at Uppal Neuro Hospital is equipped with modern diagnostic & imaging equipment and the latest therapeutic options to help all types of stroke patients; adding to this; we also have the faculty, infrastructure, and experience to be one of the leading neuro centres in north India. 

We offer:

At Uppal Neuro Hospital Department of Stroke Management, we offer the following treatment options for stroke:

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