Movement & Muscles Disorders

Uppal Neuro Hospital department for Movement Disorders & Muscle Disorders provides innovative and multidisciplinary care for patients and families affected by any type of movement disorders & muscles disorders. 

Our Department of Movement & Muscles Disorders is known for its state-of-the-art specialized facility designed to deliver the best results and world-class care to patients. As the leading centre of excellence,  we are committed to offering a comprehensive, compassionate, high-quality, and exceptional patient experience. 

The department is led by an expert team of specialists who strive to provide comprehensive care in multiple specialty areas: replacement surgeries, arthroscopic surgeries, spine surgeries, trauma, fractures, arthritis, and general orthopedics. As well as providing surgical and nonsurgical treatments with their surgical and nonsurgical expertise, our in-house team of doctors offers the best treatment possible to our patients.

Our department is known for offering world-class rehabilitation services to ensure a speedy recovery. Modern procedures allow surgeries to be performed as a daycare procedure and are less painful.

We offer state-of-the-art facilities that enable our specialists to treat patients with complex movement and muscle disorders. We center our patient care around the entire family, focusing on their needs, promoting self-advocacy, and connecting them with resources in our Centre for Excellence for Movement & Muscles Disorders.

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Movement & Muscles Disorders team