Best Neuro Rehabilitation Centres in Amritsar Jammu Punjab

Impact of the Best Neuro Rehabilitation Centres in Amritsar Jammu Punjab on Mental & Physical Health

Are you struggling with neurological disorders? Looking for a rehabilitation centre to recover from a neuro injury or condition? In recent years, individuals struggling with neurological disorders have found hope through the Best Neurorehabilitation Centres in Amritsar Jammu and Punjab

These centres play a vital role in aiding patients’ recovery from neurological conditions and injuries such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and multiple sclerosis. One such centre is Uppal Neuro Hospital, which offers specialised therapy and treatment to help individuals regain or improve their physical, cognitive, and emotional functions affected by these conditions. 

This blog breaks down everything you need to know about the neurorehabilitation centre, the services offered, and their impact on the mental and physical health of the patient.

What is a Neurorehabilitation centre? 

It is a specialised facility that helps you recover from neuro disorders and regain your physical as well as mental health. You get care and therapy here to cure neuro injuries and improve your quality of life. 

At Uppal Neuro Hospital, the faculty offers specialised treatment plans to meet the specific needs of each patient. You are assisted and supported by a team of specialists including neurologists, physiatrists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists and social workers.

Moreover, the main goal of this neurorehabilitation centre is to help patients achieve their highest level of functioning and independence, whether they are recovering from a stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, neurodegenerative diseases or other neurological conditions.

This Advanced Neuro Rehab centre plays a crucial role in facilitating recovery, improving quality of life, and optimising long-term outcomes for individuals with neurological disorders.

What are Neuro-Rehabilitation services offered by Uppal Hospital?

Uppal Hospital offers a comprehensive range of neurorehabilitation services tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals recovering from neurological injuries or disorders. These services may include:

  • Stroke Rehabilitation

With stroke rehabilitation, you can regain lost abilities and improve the quality of life after experiencing a stroke. This may include physical therapy to improve mobility and strength, occupational therapy to regain independence in daily activities, speech therapy to address communication difficulties, and cognitive rehabilitation to improve cognitive function.

  • Back & Neck Exercise

These exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles in the back and neck, improve flexibility, and alleviate pain associated with back and neck injuries or conditions such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis, or degenerative disc disease.

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation Exercise

It is prescribed to individuals experiencing dizziness, vertigo, or balance problems due to vestibular disorders. These exercises aim to improve balance, reduce dizziness, and enhance overall functional abilities.

  • Exercises for Parkinson’s Disease & Arthritis

If you have Parkinson’s disease and arthritis, then this exercise is tailored to help you manage symptoms, improve mobility, reduce stiffness, and enhance your overall quality of life.

  • Vocational Counselling

This counselling helps you to explore career options, set vocational goals, and develop strategies to overcome barriers to employment or return to work after a neurological injury or illness.

  • Nutrition Counselling

It provides guidance on maintaining a healthy diet to support overall health and well-being, manage weight, and address specific nutritional needs related to neurological conditions.

  • Speech Therapy

With speech therapy, you can focus on improving your communication skills, including speech, language, voice, and swallowing function. It is mandatory for individuals who have suffered neurological conditions such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, or Parkinson’s disease.

  • Occupational Therapy

This therapy helps you develop or regain skills needed for daily living activities such as dressing, grooming, cooking, and work-related tasks, with the goal of maximising independence and participation in meaningful activities.

  • Depression Management After Stroke

It addresses emotional and psychological issues commonly experienced by individuals following a stroke, providing counselling, support, and coping strategies to improve mental health and well-being.

Furthermore, these services of the Neuro-Rehabilitation Center aim to optimise functional outcomes, enhance the quality of life, and promote independence for individuals recovering from neurological injuries or disorders. 

Neuro Rehabilitation Team at the Uppal Hospital 

Uppal Neuro Hospital has a great team of specialised faculty members who have helped a significant number of patients recover from neuro injuries and continue their journey towards improved health and well-being. Here’s the curated list of expert team members: 

  1. Dr. Ashok Uppal 

Dr. Ashok Uppal, renowned as the Medical Director at Uppal Neuro Hospital, brings extensive experience in neurology. A graduate of DM Neurology from PGI Chandigarh, he has also served as the Head and Founder of the Department of Neurology at Government Medical College, Amritsar. With a special focus on Stroke Imaging & Thrombolysis and Epilepsy, Dr. Uppal is a valued member of the Punjab Medical Council, contributing significantly to advancements in neurological care.

  1. Dr. Salil Uppal, Neurologist

Dr. Salil Uppal is a neuro expert with a DM in Neurology from DMC Ludhiana, making him one of the top experts in the field. His education and expertise position him as the Best Neurologist in Amritsar, ensuring patients receive top-notch neurological care and treatment under his guidance. If you’re experiencing any brain or nerve issues, Dr. Uppal can provide excellent care to help you recover and feel better. 

  1. Dr. Ravi Bannidi, Psychiatrist 

Dr. Ravi Bannidi is a psychiatrist specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders. While his primary focus is on mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, he also plays a crucial role in supporting neuro patients. He works closely with neurologists and neurosurgeons to provide holistic care for patients with neurological conditions that have psychological aspects. This includes conditions like epilepsy, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury, and dementia, among others.

  1. Dr. Tamanna, Speech Therapist

Dr. Tamanna, a dedicated Speech Therapist, specialises in assisting individuals who have difficulty speaking due to brain-related issues. With her caring approach, she makes learning enjoyable while teaching exercises and techniques to enhance communication skills. Patients under her care learn to express themselves more clearly and confidently, improving their overall ability to interact and connect with others. 

  1. Dr. Harsimran Kaur, MPT(Neurological Disorder)

Dr. Harsimran Kaur is a Physical Therapist who helps people with brain-related problems move and walk better. She creates exercises just for them to improve their body movements and get stronger. Her customised programs focus on improving muscle strength and coordination, making daily activities easier for patients with neurological disorders.

  1. Dr. Shivani Sharma, Occupational Therapist

Dr. Shivani Sharma is an occupational therapist who helps people do daily tasks on their own after brain injuries or disorders. She teaches them new ways to do things and gets better at them. Her therapy focuses on making daily activities easier and more enjoyable for people with neurological problems, helping them regain independence and improve their overall quality of life. 

Impact of the Neuro Rehabilitation Centre on Mental & Physical Health

The impact of the Best Neuro Rehab Centers in India on mental and physical health is profound and multifaceted:

  • Mental Health Improvement: This centre provides specialised care and support for individuals with neurological conditions, addressing cognitive, emotional and behavioural challenges. This can lead to improved mental well-being, reduced anxiety and enhanced coping skills.
  • Physical Health Enhancement: Through targeted therapies, exercises and interventions, these centres help individuals regain and improve their physical abilities. This includes motor skills, coordination, balance and mobility, leading to increased independence and functional capacity.
  • Quality of Life: The combined impact of improved mental and physical health contributes to a better quality of life for patients. They can engage more fully in daily activities, participate in social interactions and experience greater confidence and satisfaction in their abilities.
  • Long-Term Benefits: The positive effects of neurorehabilitation extend beyond the immediate recovery phase. Patients often experience long-term benefits such as reduced risk of secondary complications, enhanced resilience and improved overall health outcomes.

In summary, the Neuro Rehabilitation Centre in India plays a vital role in promoting holistic health by addressing both mental and physical aspects, leading to improved quality of life and long-term well-being for individuals with neurological conditions.



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