General Medicine

The general medicine department at Uppal Neuro Centre focuses on diagnosing, preventing, and non-surgical treatment of different diseases. We are committed to providing the most trusted health care services by focusing on individual needs and family history. Our expert team of consultant doctors and general practitioners is ever-ready to serve the medical needs of all the patients. We provide treatment for various communicable and non-communicable diseases to ensure the best possible care for the patients. 

The dedicated and high-skilled general doctors at the hospital provide targeted patient care in an environment supported by evidence-based diagnosis. We also offer a comprehensive set of preventive health checkups to assess health status and other preventive measures. 

The general medicine department at our hospital offers a broad range of services for the diagnosis and treatment of all patients. Patients of this department receive specialized assessment, latest treatment, along postoperative clinical care. 

The department is managed by medical consultants, nurses, and staff who provide multidisciplinary treatment for all conditions. The main goal of our general medicine team is to combine the latest evidence-based medicines to foster patients’ wellness and healing.

Scope of General Medicine Department

Advanced Treatment with Personalized Care

General medicine is a specialty that deals in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease concerning all the aspects of pathology and all-organ-based specialties. We have highly skilled doctors having in-depth knowledge and experience in their field. 

The general practitioners treat common medical conditions and perform routine checkups. The doctors at our practice can provide you with health maintenance, disease prevention, and continuity of care to help you live longer. 

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