Department of Occupational Therapy(OT)

Occupational Therapy (OT) is an allied health profession that involves the therapeutic use of everyday activities or occupations, to treat the physical, mental, developmental & emotional ailments that impact a patient’s ability to perform day to day tasks. Occupational therapist is a practitioner who uses therapeutic techniques to improve, rehabilitate or maintain a patient’s ability to perform every day activities.Occupational therapists focus on occupation as the tool to restore, rebuild & enhance client’s lives. Occupation means the activities that we do every day; the roles, tasks & goals that define who we are. Everyone has activities that define who they are, whether it’s work tasks, artistic expressions, leisure pursuits, school responsibilities or play activities. Using, those activities as therapeutic tools helps occupational therapist to build better lives for patients. Broadly this means that our Occupational therapists are responsible for helping patients develop, recover improve and become independent in areas of self-care, work & productivity,play or leisure, cognition, and social interactions.


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