A high-quality pathology lab consists of high-end equipment and skilled medical team!

The clinical pathology can be understood as a medical specialty with different health professionals: biomedical, chemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, etc. Clinical pathology has tremendous complexity, mainly because it deals directly with laboratory tests. Using a fully equipped lab and high technology, these doctors from different areas can deliver 100% positive results.

After all, what is clinical pathology?

Clinical pathology is a specialized area of ​​laboratory medicine that interprets laboratory tests through chemical, physical, physical-chemical, biological, and morphological techniques applied to patients. This analysis occurs by removing fluids and other necessary materials from patients with the primary objective of diagnosing or confirming possible diseases. Pathology is also used to check for the presence of risk factors that can harm health.

What sectors does the specialty incorporate?

Clinical pathology encompasses direct sectors so that its functioning is full. Check out what they are and what their purposes are:

Clinical Microbiology – The clinical microbiology studies the primary causative microbial agents of infectious diseases in humans, emphasizing the aspects of clinical laboratory diagnosis, pathogenic, and epidemiological.

Hemato-pathology – The Hemato-pathology is responsible for diagnosing hematologic diseases such as particular nutritional anemia, hemolytic, etc.

Immunopathology – Immunopathology is the science that studies the lesions and diseases produced by the immune response. They can be grouped into four study categories: hypersensitivity, autoimmune diseases, immunodeficiency, and transplant rejection.

Chemical Pathology – The chemical pathology is the specialty responsible for presenting laboratory parameters on different pathologies, such as the study of the lipid profile and dyslipidemia, the study of risk factors for coronary disease, allergic study, etc.

Molecular Pathology and Genetics – Molecular and genetic pathology use recent technologies in molecular biology to research possible tumors or other diseases that require specialized therapies.

Molecular biology is nothing more than the molecular basis of biological activity between biomolecules in the various systems of a cell.



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