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The primary role of Critical Care Ambulance services is pre-hospital emergency medical care. Although they generally offer emergency response and patient transfer on behalf of the healthcare industry. They provide easy access to health services and contribute significantly to telephone screening and telephone health services through a sophisticated communications infrastructure.

Importance of Critical Care Ambulance services –

In recent times, it has become evident that the increased pressures of the health system cannot be resolved just by adding resources but must also be addressed with new methods of service delivery. Critical Care Ambulance services can improve response to pre-hospital clinical care. They also substantially increase the functionality of the health system by attending the out-of-hospital clinical care service. By integrating Critical Care Ambulance services into the health system increases the efficiency of smooth clinical care.

One of the crucial roles of the Critical Care Ambulance service is to stabilize and treat patients quickly to avoid any accidents before the patient arrives at the hospital.

  • They provide immediate and effective life-saving care in a safe and clinical work environment with maximum mobility.
  • Critical Care Ambulance services are the leading providers of a 24/7 response to medical and trauma emergencies.
  • They provide a disciplined and organized system, allowing a timely response from suitably qualified health professionals – usually to potential or confirmed medical emergencies.

Ambulance communications center –

Although major trauma centers provide medical recovery teams, Critical Care Ambulance service has paramedics in intensive care. Ambulance service is the natural extension of the health system, whether through ‘treat and transfer’ or ‘treat and leave’ programs. Given the limitations of general practitioners and the unsustainable burden of hospitals, Critical Care Ambulance service substantially increasing the mobility and capacity of the health system. Having a Critical Care Ambulance service at a medical clinic or recovery clinic ensures safety in the quick care of patients.



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