Best practices of Neuro Cath Lab for cerebral angiography near you

Cerebral angiography is a non-invasive neurological examination. In this process, the medical practitioner injects a contrast liquid in your bloodstream. More like an x-ray, this process allows doctors to a prominent image of blood vessels in your brain to determine whether there is single or many abnormalities or blockages.

Why Neuro Cath Lab?

Neuro Cath Lab has been reliable medical equipment to diagnose cerebral angiography. Modern medical clinics and hospitals have installed high quality and advanced Neuro cath labequipment, which offers supreme quality Radiographic images with the lower dose. Apart from brain tumors, this equipment helps to diagnose other types of vascular abnormalities, such as stroke, aneurysm, atherosclerosis, AVM, blood vessel’s inflammation, clots, etc. Angiography images can be stored on conventional radiographs, or stored as digital images on a computer. The patients usually leave the hospital on the same day in most cases.

How does Neuro Cath Lab help diagnose?

Cerebral angiography is a radiological examination of the arteries, mainly used to diagnose vascular changes in the brain. It is the most accurate examination to evaluate the shape and size of the arteries. It is a radiological visualization technique of an artery determined by the introduction of a radiopaque contrast medium.

Cerebral angiography can detect a dilation in one of the blood vessels. The test may also show a narrowing or obstruction of a blood vessel that hinders or stops blood flow. An abnormal pattern of blood vessels or abnormal vessels close to a tumor may be found.Cerebral angiography is an X-ray examination that uses a unique contrast and a radiology device to obtain images of the blood flow in the head and neck blood vessels.

With the help of Neuro Cath Lab equipment, doctors get clear and enhancing images of the examination.



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