Trans Cranial Doppler test is now available in Amritsar: Good News!

Transcranial Doppler or TCDtest is now routinely performed in the best diagnostic center in Amritsar and contributes to the management with cerebrovascular diseases. The exam allows a fast, safe, and non-invasive cerebrovascular evaluation. The TDC can be repeated as many times as necessary, without any risk to the patient.

What is the technique?

The Doppler Technique is one of the modalities of ultrasound, performed to observe how blood flows through the vascular network and the heart cavities. The procedure can be done on any circulatory portion of the body. It assists in the diagnosis and evaluation of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases, as well as in the monitoring of maternal and fetal health during pregnancy.

How is the exam done?

It is a painless and non-invasive exam. With the patient lying on a stretcher, the doctor and an ultrasound specialist will apply a gel to facilitate the transducer’s slide. The images will be generated from a device that resembles a flashlight and emits waves that are again captured as echoes secreted by red blood cells. Finally, the computer turns them into an image. Besides, the technique can be performed in color to facilitate reading: mapping the flow in blue or red according to the direction. The exam lasts between 30 and 60 minutes and does not require any special preparation, for instance, the ingestion of iodinated contrasts.

What are the results obtained?

From the observation of how the blood flows through the vascular system of different areas of the body, it is possible to diagnose a series of cardiovascular pathologies—diseases in arterial vessels, such as aneurysms and atherosclerotic plaques. And in veins, such as thrombosis and varicose veins. However, its results depend directly on the experience of those who perform it and the equipment used.



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